25 Mar 2010


goodbye bali, see you next week.

uber cool. lift to rock bar from ayana

bali best sunset views from rock bar.


wonderland, worst food, good place.

INSPIRATION. love & laugh.

found new beach again. hard core & off road.

free diving course with pak wid, for my 1st professional underwater photoshoot. nervous much.
kuta beach after sunset.
famous,dirty and not THAT comfy, kuta beach.
i heard they found giant shark so they need this ice.
way better then great ocean in melbourne, just saying.
i told you, im on my way to heaven, now im in HEAVEN.
there is no place like BALI.
postcard from bali, for my readers all over the world.
so pretty.i wish i could stay longer in my lovely hometown, the sky is blue.
a long road to heaven.halfway.
for my photography class assignment.

places from picture above :
1. uluwatu
about 45 minutes from nusa dua or 1 hour from kuta.from nusa dua the hilly road will pas through pecatu, but if you are from kuta, road trough kedonganan or udayana unversity road will bring you here, for me uluwatu is the most spectacular temple in bali. the temple is perched majestically on the edge of steep cliff that towers above the legendary surfbreaks of southern bali.about the monkeys, there's lot of monkey there, i did experience bad incidents with those annoying monkeys, so please take off your glasses and hid your pocket camera or cellphone.
at sunset kecak dance performance everyday with the background the temple it self, so beautiful and it goes without saying that sunset viewing at uluwatu is one of the must visit to see sunset di bali.
2. secret beach
again and again, i dont want to tell you guys, cause i dont want this beach to be spoiled by popularity.3.kuta beach
i dont have to tell you right, just google it. haha. not my favorite beach at all, but i used to surf at kuta beach when i was a kid.
4.Our(Sam.Deshi.Saknia) other secret beach
isnt that annoying that im always type Secret Beach ? hate me, because im annoying.
5.Padang Bay (diving)
so far so good, recommended for you all who like underwater photography specialist macro.
6.Rock Bar
bali best sunset views from bar located in ayana hotel. expensive but worth it.

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