9 Jul 2010

Istimewa Di Jogjakarta

my goal is to see sunrise from borobudur, so i went there at 4.00 am from jogjakarta, borobudur are about 60kms from the town center and it takes about 1 hours to reach there.and yeah i dont miss it.i took lots of picture, its so tunning and beautiful, me and my cousin are the only local people, the rest yeah BULE !!.the drive from jogja to borobudur transforms you into another world.small houses,paddy fields and lush green surroundings, simply beautiful, just before reaching borobudur we passed pawon & mendut temple.

world heritage, beautiful, isn't it ?

There are about 502 Buddha statues on Borobudur temple though few of them have completely been destroyed due to natural calamities or due to enemy strikes.

prambanan temple

ullen sentalu museum. the best museum in jogja. just saying.

keraton, I DONT LIKE IT. iuewwww. this is keraton ??? mimih ratu. dirty.stink.and BAD !

lunch( me and my cousin). good life...

Malioboro street is the arterial road of the town.busy.crowded. i dont like it

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