23 Aug 2010

Gili Trawangan

i love gili, no cars no motorbikes, just bicycle and cidomo, eco friendly island.
there's 3 gili : trawangan, air and meno. gili means small island.
i went there with my mom and my sister.just a short 1 hours and 30 minutes trip from padang bay harbour, im using ocean water fast boat(Rp 650.000 one way) since i get discount from the travel agent i only pay Rp 700.000 return.UH MAZING.bahaha!
Gili trawangan is the largest of the gilis and the most popular visit and i stayed there for 3 days.
having such an amazing holiday.all the three island are superb , white sandy beaches, crystal clean water, great coral reef.
the famous cafe gili trawangan.
lovely place to stay.im in heaven.
life is good
lovely cidomo take me around the island just for 45 minutes.
me.mom and my sister always watching movie at this little cinema at night since there's no party at bulan ramadhan.
sunset at gili
tons of ikan teri.geli geli.
sunset at gili and happy birthday INDONESIA.
goodbye gili, see you next time.
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