3 Aug 2010

Sydney, Australia

the world is wide and awesome. this is my 2nd visit to sydney, new south wales.
so i've been to queensland,new south wales,western australia and victoria, 2 more left north and south australia. i told you before, yeah, i work do hard on my assignments, good scores and yeah i go holiday so hard.

6 hours flight from ngurah rai - kingsford smith airport.voila i can't sleep well, so i decided to watch remember me and got distracted by the beautiful sunrise.

arrived at 10 in the morning my room not ready yet, so i just drop my bag at the hostel and wungsu(my high school friend who lives there) show me around. SYDNEY still sydney, crowded but pretty. last time i went there was 2008 with my sister, but now i went with my cousin.
i stay in wake up central.its australia's best budget backpacker's accomodation.

hyde park, enjoying the sun, its winter in sydney

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