2 Jul 2009

Bali National Park

woke up early morning, the crew is ready, meh we waiting for gps boy , he's late DUH we are in 2009 HELLO, on time baby .we leave denpasar at 6:30 am, sorry im not a morning person i continue my sleep at the car but i can't sleep well since the car is full of laugh and bart.
the map, by the way the gps boy own this island and he got his hi tech crankberry, map is so 2008 and we're in 2009, but its okay lah.
ay yay yay 3 hours long and winding road finally we arrive at pemuteran, we about to rent a bout and a snorkeling equipment then off to menjangan island, here's the location of menjangan island :
see ? we drive from denpasar to menjangan island, spent 3 hours, so much fun!
this is the GPS BOY(aryadi)pointing the mountain at java island, yeah we're almost reach java island. hey man IM BURJAV that's my ISLAND, watch out !
finally we arrived at menjangan island, menjangan island is

A small island to the north of north west Bali, part of West Bali National Park.
still in our boat watching people snorkeling,that's a lot of people wow, i couldn't stop screaming all i want to do is jump.FYI i got my period 5 minutes before we off to menjangan, uncool.but snorkeling must go on.sorry people.haha
5 PICTURES ABOVE WAS TAKEN BY ARYADI SETIAWAN, he's a very good photographer

divers who enjoy wall diving will appreciate the areas prime spots around menjangan islands,oh my god the undewater life is so cool down here, magnificent underwater world, beautiful coral reefs.the drop off along the south shore and eastern tip, facing the bali sea are home to lots of colourful small fish and vertebrates lacy sea fans and a variety of sponges(YAY FINALLY I SAW A CLOWN FISH AKA NEMO).
we found the variety of fish here to be somewhat inferior to other dive site we ask a lot, but the numbers are good and some of the fish are quite bold as guides feed them regulary.a few individuals from a large school of longfin bannerfish approached us but the majority kept a distance,there were fewer fish on the wreck than usual, according to my guide, but this was because a group of divers had just passed through, i saw several snappers,sweetlips,goatfishes,wrasses,rainbow fish and moorish idols(i keep those name on my brain since the guide told me).colorful picasso triggerfish play hide and seek behind the coral and a large scribbled file fish seem unconcerned as i close to try to touch.menjangan' s white sandy beaches make a nice location to break for lunch(stupid us, we didn't bring our lunch box and starving looking people eating their lunch).after done with snorkeling, there's one trouble i'm in period remember i have to buy a softex(this is english ? or what ? help !) nah my friends bought one for me cost me only Rp 2.500 and i got 5 softex that means Rp 500/each.wow super duper cheap.haha nevermind about the period thingy(so gross).we have lunch at gilimanuk, the restaurant is recommended by our snorkel guide, short of story, the chicken was gross.NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE :
now i talk about the jungle life, i spot a deer and saw a jungle fowl(ayam hutan).we want to take a picture at bali tower we have to enter menjangan resort, a fancy villa and hotel, we have to pretend we come for outsite this island(UNCOOL) and we lie all the time, rain is the expert.duh!
bali tower, we able to see the whole jungle,the beach and also menjangan island.
grand canyonish, feels like we were in UTAH,haha.
see you at the other trip my cyber friends,keep reading,keep smile.

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