10 Aug 2009

Diving at Nusa Penida

it must me ferryladies day but one uf us cancel the trip so yeah, i change my plan to getting wet and fun.i went to nusa penida, just come back from there 1 hours ago, nusa penida is an island southeast of bali.nusa penida covers a wide area of diving locations. they are penida bay,crystal bay, manta point, batu meling, batu lumbung, batu abah, toyapakeh and malibu point.but i just went to crystal bay and manta point, i have a reason to go there :

1.manta point = located in south west nusa penida is one of bali's most frequently visited divesites.it's possible to encounter the mighty manta ray year round at this location.i just need 5 minute to see them i found,so lucky. a giant manta above my head(breathtaking moment)wish i could scream and call manta come to samantha(me) haha.and there's another manta(black one) in my right very pretty.
classy move by manta ray

2.crystal bay = i want to see a mola-mola(sunfish) and i'm so lucky i saw it cause there's one couple in my boat who dive 15 minutes before me&my buddy doesn't see mola-mola at all. i saw one mola-mola at 31 depth,btw i'm still an open water diver(you know what i mean) the maximum depth of my dive must be 18 depth, but look at me i'm in 31 depth just because this special fish, haha. if you wonderin' what's MOLA-MOLA click this. yeah you'll se how special the fish are.
clean water at crystal bay,after lunch on the boat me and sarah take silly underwater pictsso cute this is MOLA-MOLA


  1. Wow your photos are all GORGEOUS!! What camera do you use? Love ur blog :)


  2. These are amazing photos! I'm also so jealous - your trip looks wonderful :)

  3. thank you, yeah i had a great time.

  4. ab so lute ly gor geous.

    so completely jealous, I grew up at the beach, miss it almost too much :P

    hey and thanks for that link! glad you like my stuff :D