21 Sep 2009

Medan, North Sumatra

i should take a plane to jakarta from bali then countinue my journey from jakarta to medan.there's no direct flight from bali to medan :'(
landed in polonia airport i countinue another 3 hours road trip to pematang siantar, the driver drives me insane, all i have is 23% battery in my ipod and my lovely pillow.
spent 2 days in pematang siantar(family stuffs) 
traditonal transportation(TUK-TUK)
okay after spent 2 days in pematang siantar i'm off to parapat(lake toba)
my adventure begins, no more family stuffs
the ferry, cost me only Rp 7.000.goodbye parapat.hello samosir island

another breathtaking scenery

the view infront of my room(carolina cottages rocks) full of cute tourists

2nd day in samosir island, me and dad rent a motorbike and explore the island.

traditional house of north sumatra

me want to ride you . MOO .....

last day in samosir island, beautiful sunset.see you at my next trip 

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