10 Jan 2010

Perth, Western Australia

this is my debut solo trip(without my parents/sister), i went with my cousin, we both 17 years old, i've been to sydney and gold coast before and this is my very first visit to perth , this is my cousin 1st time visit australia. 
here come the story :

1st day in perth, we stay in aurora apartment(godderich street) . this is should be my high school classmate room but they come back to bali during their holiday so i stay there during my visit.
introducing my crazy guide habibie, 1st day in perth we went to perth bell tower and took ferry to see the city from south perth
this is london court ( i feel like i was in england ) set amongst modern sky scrapers in the heart of city perth. built in 1937, this small pedestrian street has a very similar feel to the tudor style building of england. as you walk through london court you will experience a charming athmosphere of a small shops and cafes along the way.
walking through the london court, so pretty.
i spent my days in perth with this people, we went to fremantle, the city is popular diners, catering for all tastes and bugets, italian and asian cuisine is abundant as well as a vast variety of seafood restaurants.the city has an operational fishing boat harbour which contain markets and restaurants, developed as a tourist precinct.fishing charter boats also operate from this harbour.
having fish and chips at the very famous and oldest restaurant at fremantle CICERELLO'S.
i love the atmopshere. this should be summer but why this is so cold.
fremantle prison. so bad this is close when i get there, i really want to take the tour and hear the story cause some tours was include information about the existence of ghost.
hahahaha this is real 
2nd day in perth, this is christmas day. my very 1st time celebrate xmas without my parents and sister . having xmas mass at st.gorge cathedral.
THE DEATH CITY IN XMAS is PERTH. where are you people ? the public transportation sucks ! public holiday schedule killing me, im waiting bus for 2 hours, oh my god !! we wet to mandurah by train, longest journey ever...
on my way to the beach(mandurah) beware !! SNAKES !!
the beach is sux by the way . hahaha  and we wait the bus for 2 hours, look at this happy face when see the bus coming
its time to visit the very famous and beautiful park king's park
BOXING DAY, sale sale sale ,crazy line at david jones

after shopping, we ready to hit the beach, the famous cottesloe beach
now its time to visit perth zoo

1 day at rottnest island, such a beautiful island
captain cruise from barrack harbour to fremantle then exchange with speed boat to rottnes island.envy us!
snorkeling at pink beach, HEAVEN
i miss my girlfriends, wish they were here with me.
had fun bike at rottnest island, now time to sleep.lol
the basin, heaven..heaven..heaven
DEAD CITY AT THE NIGHT and underage this is what we do....


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